3 Kitchen Tools You’ll Love

I’m not a big gadget person. I like to keep things pretty simple, especially in the kitchen. I detest clutter (I mean really detest clutter) so I don’t always think gadgets are worth the space they take up in my cabinets. 

Have you seen some of the crazy things being sold on television? Do we really need the Egg Genie? Or pizza scissors? How about the hot dog toaster  – one gadget to simultaneously cook hot dogs and toast buns? Please.

Yet there are a few kitchen tools that I find myself reaching for so often, they are worth every square inch of space they require. There are more than three on my personal “must have” list, so I’ll share some more another day,  but here are three I don’t think I could (happily) live without.

1) A garlic press                2) A salad spinner             3) A citrus juicer

Let’s start with the garlic press. There are few kitchen tasks as tedious as mincing garlic. If you’ve ever found yourself mincing clove after clove with irregularly shaped bits clinging to your knife and praying you don’t cut off your fingertips, this is for you. This tool allows you to hack the ends off a clove of garlic, stick it inside, and press out perfectly minced garlic. Simply scrape out the fibrous outer layer that is left inside the press and toss the tool in the dishwasher. Brilliant.

The salad spinner is a relatively recent addition to my kitchen (and one my husband is amazed I actually use – it’s pretty big for my taste). But washing greens is so important in order to remove dirt and potential contaminants, and there is nothing worse than a salad made with the resulting wet lettuce. The leaves are soggy and the dressing won’t stick! A quick turn through the salad spinner (which is a job my 3 year old refers to as “pumping the lettuce”) crisps the greens right back up again. Just the way they belong.

The citrus juicer is one tool where simpler is better. There are fancier versions on the market, but the one I have pictured above is my favorite. It makes short work of juicing lemons, limes, or oranges. If you’re doing that job by squeezing with your hand today this is a worthwhile upgrade. You’ll get more juice and no seeds or pulp in your finished dish. This is another one you just throw in the dishwasher to clean.

So there you have it, 3 kitchen tools you’ll love. I’ll share another round of favorites soon.

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