A Little Bird Told Me

A while back, someone introduced me to an online community called The Brave Girls Club. They do a number of pretty darn cool things, but my primary engagement with them is my subscription to their daily email called, you guessed it, “A Little Bird Told Me – Your Daily Truth from the Brave Girls Club”. It pops into my inbox first thing in the morning with a dose of uplifting inspiration that I just adore. Often I read it and think, “How did they KNOW that I needed to hear EXACTLY that on EXACTLY this day?!” Synchronicity in action.

As an example, here was today’s email:

Dear Unique Girl,

Everyone has a different journey. So different, in fact, that new lessons can be learned every single day from each other’s journeys. Your friends’ journey are different from yours. Your children’s are different, too. Your parents also went on an entirely different journey than the one that is meant for you.

That is why it is so important not to compare, criticize, or complain. We often have the tendency to compare the worst of what we are living through with the best of what others are enjoying. Everyone has the exact path, with the exact battles and the exact joys that are meant for them. We all learn in different ways, and we can all learn so much from each other, too.

So live YOUR life. Love YOUR life. Make the most of YOUR life. And whenever you have the chance to meet another fellow traveler along the road of life, lend a helping hand whenever you can. An encouraging smile or a kind word or two. Be happy when good things happen to others and show compassion when difficult things come along. Remind those you know that ALL of it is good. ALL of it.

All of it is meant for our growth and our ultimate joy.

Keep being the fabulous YOU that YOU are.


“A little bird told me” – your Daily Truth from The Brave Girls Club – http://www.bravegirlsclub.com
See what I mean? Check it out for yourself. Subscribe. And when that first email arrives that you swear was written JUST FOR YOU, you’ll be so very glad you did.

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