Back to Basics

Even the healthiest among us get a little off track sometimes. Life gets busy. Sugar sneaks in. Caffeine is required. Workouts get skipped. Food choices get sloppy. Energy dips. Sleep suffers. It’s a downward spiral of poor choices and their consequences and it can feel impossible to stop.

But I promise you that it’s not. When this pattern starts to emerge in my own life, I’ve come to realize that a week or so of getting back to basics is all it takes to feel like myself again. If you catch the tailspin early enough, you can course correct before it gets out of control. I’m always the most inspired by my clients who have learned this principle – they don’t consider a setback to be permanent and they don’t let it blow up into a full scale disaster. When they notice they’ve veered a little off track for a little too long, they simply recommit to what they’ve learned and steer themselves back to feeling great.

I do it, too! In fact, just recently I noticed I had settled into some habits that were causing me to feel off kilter.  A week or so of taking my own advice and I felt like my best self again. So what’s the secret?

A good night’s sleep – More often than not one of the underlying causes of a backslide for me is that I’m tired. And rather than giving in to my need for sleep, I try to eat and caffeinate my way through it. Not good. Nothing beats sleep for setting you up to make good choices. When you’re tired, temptations can be overwhelming, but with rest you can keep your healthy brain in charge!

Water – I can sometimes get to 5PM and realize I’ve had not a drop of water cross my lips all day. Coffee and tea don’t count, my friends. Hydrate and watch yourself bloom. Keep a cup or bottle in the car or on your desk and commit to drinking it…staying hydrated even curbs sugar cravings!

Fruits and vegetables – These foods give you a life force that nothing else can. Add those fruits and veggies to every meal and snack and see how great you feel.

Plenty of Fiber  – Your digestive system needs fiber to regulate…and when it’s working well you’ll feel well. Trust me on this one. Fill up with fiber (from natural sources as much as you can – skip the “fiber added yogurt” and other manufactured concoctions) and let your body do the rest.

Move – Get those workouts in – even short ones count. Just move. Yoga. Walking. Even stretching. Rebuild the habit. Your muscles will thank you and so will your brain! They don’t call it a runner’s high for nothing…

There’s no shame in getting off track from time to time – life happens! But when you do, give these simple ideas a week or so to work their magic and see if you feel like yourself again. I’m betting you will!

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