Best Kitchen Gift Ideas 2012

Around this time of year, I start to get asked about my top gift picks for a well-equipped kitchen. And I must say, there are few things I love more than kitchen tools, so it’s a challenge for me to narrow down the list of must-haves! Nonetheless, I’ve given this some thought, made a list, and checked it twice. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite kitchen gift ideas for various gifting occasions.



A full set of All Clad Cookware

This is no run-of-the-mill gift, but if you’ve been extra good this year, here’s what you ask for! All Clad Cookware is my favorite brand; it’s virtually indestructible and it adds a little bit of luxury to your everyday life. These will last forever. Seriously.



A starter set of All Clad Cookware

You may notice a theme here; I’m a big fan of this top-notch stainless steel cookware. No more food stuck to sub-par pans.  This size set comes at a more accessible price point.

Wusthof knives

This excellent German set of knives will serve you for years and years and will make you actually look forward to chopping vegetables! Keep them sharp!

Cuisinart Food Processor

I still can’t believe I didn’t have a food processor until I got one as a wedding gift! A go-to gadget for so many recipes, this Cuisinart one is great.



Epicurean Cutting Board

Tie one of these up with a gorgeous bow and you’ll make your hostess’ night! This one is a good mid-size – they come smaller and larger than this; I have several that I use for different purposes.

Citrus juicer

Think of this as the centerpiece of as a fresh-squeezed juice kit! Drape a pretty kitchen towel inside a basket, fill it with oranges, lemons and/or limes, top off with the juicer, and add a big bow. Voila!

Nesting mixing bowls

I love that these are red. Add a box of gourmet pancake or muffin mix and a whisk and you have a breakfast kit!



Tongs with nonstick tips

You’ll be amazed by how many uses you find for these – I find that I use mine almost daily.

High-quality garlic press

Nothing makes short work of mincing garlic like a good quality press, and this one is my favorite.


So, what’s on your wish list?  Post it on my Facebook wall and join the conversation!

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    1. Cherylanne Post author

      That’s a great addition! Juicing is a terrific way to get more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet – and they have such a LIFE force in them that they can really transform the way you feel!


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