Bite-sized resolutions

Happy new year! I hope you enjoyed some well-deserved rest amid family and friends during the holidays. (I certainly did, thus the brief hiatus from blogging!) If you’re anything like me, now that you’re getting back in your usual routine, your mind is full of ideas to make this year the best you’ve ever had. I’ve been jotting notes to myself left and right just to keep track of all the goals I have for the year ahead!

If you’re like most people, your resolutions for 2011 will include something related to getting healthier. Have you been in any stores this week and seen the floor to ceiling displays of vitamins and “diet aids”?! It’s overwhelming!

If you’ve resolved to improve your health this year, I applaud you! Just one thought. Please don’t try to tackle every idea in your head all at once. To preserve your sanity and GREATLY improve your odds of success,  will you commit to first changing just ONE behavior?  Choose ONE thing you know you need to do to be healthier and do it. (Drink water. Eat vegetables, Walk. Get more sleep. Whatever it may be.) Then, put all your focus on only that ONE change for a while. Please don’t give up if it’s harder than you expected (hint: it WILL be harder than you expected – change is ALWAYS hard.) Keep at it until you’ve hard-wired that first new behavior into your life, and then take on the second one. Not a moment sooner.

No matter how big your goal, change happens one small bite at a time. So pace yourself – you don’t need to change everything in the first week of January! 2011 will be here all year.

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