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Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers

I can’t remember when veggie burgers first because a staple in my meatless meal rotation, but it was probably when I was single and living in Atlanta and looking for super quick ideas that worked “for one”. I’m still partial to Gardenburger Original, but there are so many ways to make variations at home, that every now and then I branch out!

So, continuing with this meatless meal idea series for Lent 2015, here is a twist on a veggie burger that uses chickpeas and potatoes as the basis for the burger. Earthy and hearty, these are so good you won’t miss the meat a bit. I like these toppped with cucumber, tomato and tzatziki, but you could use lettuce, spinach, red onion, avocado, roasted red peppers, or whatever combination of toppings appeals to you!


Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers


1 8 oz. red potato

3 Tbs. olive oil

1 tsp. minced garlic

1 (15.5 oz.) can chickpeas, drained and rinsed

1 Tbs. fresh parsley

½ tsp. lemon rind

½ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. pepper

2 large egg whites


  1. Place red potato in sauce pan and cover with water, bring to a boil and cook for 20 minutes, or until tender. Drain the water, coarsely chop and place in a medium sized bowl. Add 1 Tbs. olive oil and garlic, mash until slightly chunky.
  2. Stir together 3 Tbs. of chickpeas, parsley, lemon, salt and pepper, leaving the chickpeas whole, not mashed.
  3. Take the remaining chickpeas and mash into the potato mixture until well blended. Gently fold in the whole chickpea mixture into the mashed chick pea mixture. Divide mixture into 6 equal portions and shape into patties.
  4. Heat 1 Tbs. of olive oil in a pan on medium heat. Add 3 patties at a time, cooking on each side for 3-4 minutes, or until golden brown.
  5. Serve on whole wheat buns with cucumber slices, tomato, and a drizzle of tzatziki.




Chocolate Souffles For Two

When I think of fancy grown up food, I think of chocolate souffles. They just sounds so positively domestic. And time consuming. And complicated. Ahem.

You may have avoided trying your hand at these in years gone by, fearing they’d be difficult. But really, they’re not! These little souffles make an adorable dessert for Valentine’s Day and they’re not hard at all. Okay, so you have to know the term “stiff peaks” but trust me you can handle it.

And besides, there’s nothing like warm chocolate straight out of the oven… except the feeling of accomplishment that comes with knowing you can bake a souffle with the best of ’em.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Chocolate Souffles for Two


½ cup water

¼ cup powdered sugar

2 Tbs. unsweetened cocoa powder

2 Tbs. 1% low-fat milk

1 ½ tsp. all-purpose flour

1 large egg yolk

1/8 tsp. vanilla extract

1 large egg white

1/8 tsp. cream of tartar

1 Tbs. granulated sugar

2 tsp. powdered sugar


1. Preheat oven to 350.

2. Combine water, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, milk, flour, and egg yolk in the top pan of a double boiler. Stir constantly with a whisk until thick, about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and add vanilla extract.

3. In a separate bowl, beat egg white and cream of tartar with an electric mixer on high speed until peaks form. Gradually add 1 Tbs. of granulated sugar and beat until stiff peaks form. If you’re not sure what stiff peaks look like, here’s a guide.

4. Gently fold ¼ of the egg mixture into the chocolate mixture with a spoon.  Then fold in the remaining egg mixture and stir very gently, or the souffle will not rise.

5. Spoon the souffle mixture evenly into two 8 oz. ramekins, coated with cooking spray. Bake for 20 minutes until puffy and set. Sprinkle each soufflé with 1 tsp. of powdered sugar and serve immediately.

A New Chapter

If you’ve been around here a while, you’ve witnessed a dynamic evolution of the Nourish brand since its inception in 2010.

Today, I’m announcing the end of an important chapter in the company’s story as we close the Cincinnati cooking service. It’s been a privilege to serve so many busy households over the last four years; I’ve been forever changed by the experience.

The amazingly capable cooks who have lent their talents to Nourish are making plans to build independent personal chef businesses, or to pursue other food related businesses that excite them. I couldn’t be happier to support and promote their efforts (in fact, you can find a list of them below).

As for Nourish, I’ll continue to host this blog, and I’m following my heart into to the next chapter of my story at a new site, where I’ll have the time and space to be a writer, speaker and coach serving an audience of people ready to design lives of significance…on their own terms. This will take me and those I serve beyond the walls of health and wellness into well-being, balance, meaning, and purpose. I hope you’ll join me there.


Independent Personal Chefs (alphabetical)

Joanne Bayer

Julie Hewitt

Darla Higgins

Karen McDonald

Sue Schlueter

Amy Skie