Change of Venue

If the daily humdrum of your life is starting to get to you, may I recommend a change of venue? I’ve had the good fortune to spend the last several days in Miami while my husband attends a conference for work. Tagging along has given me the chance to work in very different surroundings (that picture is today’s!) and it’s been positively inspiring. I’ve had bigger ideas than usual and more of them…and it’s no coincidence. You don’t have to go to the beach to accomplish this (though it doesn’t hurt!); you may have glorious spaces right under your nose that you’ve overlooked. All you need to gain some freedom is to consciously take yourself off autopilot and open your eyes!

The beauty of living and working in 2012 is that you can do it anywhere. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that we can take advantage of that freedom and flexibility to make our work lives even better. And if your work life involves scheduling your children’s camps and making grocery lists and planning home improvements, it’s still your work. There’s no rule that you need to be chained to a desk to do it.

Need some inspiration? Try one of these…

1- Poolside, even at your neighborhood pool! Go early before the crowd arrives and catch few hours of inspired work time

2- A table at your favorite cafe

3 – A different room in your own house – you’d be surprised by how different things look just from a new seat!

4 – A well-kept, fragrant garden with a wrought iron table

5- A corner table in a new coffeeshop in a different part of town

6 –  A picnic table at the park

7 -The lobby of a swanky hotel

8 – The beach or anyplace with a water view (river, lake, pond?)

9 – Your own backyard deck or patio or screened-in porch

10 – The library

It’s summer, and the last thing you should feel is trapped or bored. So, order up a change of venue and enjoy the creativity that flows as you enter that new space. Where will you go today???

2 thoughts on “Change of Venue

  1. Ana Infantino

    #6 for me today. Studying for optimal muscle training course and enjoying perfect weather ….73, sunny with a light breeze


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