Confessions of a Former Sugar Addict

Note: This is a guest post by Dr. Stefanie Stevenson, our Nourish Integrative Physician.

Are you addicted to sugar? Do you believe sugar can be addicting in the same way as nicotine or cocaine? If you would have asked me these same two questions five years ago my answer would have been “no”. (But I would have also been eating my Starbucks scone, drinking a Diet Coke, and wondering why I didn’t feel well). I was reminded of this last night when I watched a new movie called Hungry for Change. I encourage you to click the link I’ve included here, where you can watch it for free until March 31st.

I am a doctor and I clearly learned in my training the devastating effects of smoking, drinking alcohol, and using illegal drugs, but nowhere along the way did I learn about the negative consequences of the typical American Diet. My med school classmates and I ate our pizza, drank our Diet Cokes, and gobbled down our massive muffins as we studied pathophysiology, not realizing we were doing to our liver exactly what we were studying – making it fat.

It is a strange disconnect that we have between our health and what we eat. I finally made this connection a few years ago after attending a conference on nutrition and health. It was hearing the information in an informative manner and not in a disapproving manner that let the message sink in – it was like a close friend pointing out that drinking Diet Coke and eating a Hershey’s chocolate bar was bad for me. The other huge difference that week was being fed tasty, healthy food for the five days that I was at the conference. I was amazed by how great I felt and I was anxious to live that way every day. I can honestly say I no longer wake up craving a pumpkin scone like I used to.

If you are ready to break your sugar addiction as well, our team at Nourish can help. The answer lies in getting good solid information and learning how to fill your daily diet with healthy, real food, to crowd out the desire for sugary treats. You can reach us at or 513-245-4224 to schedule a FREE consultation and get on the path to thriving well-being!

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