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I first learned of Robyn O’Brien when I was a student at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During that time, I was reading everything I could get my hands on about healthy eating, and I discovered her book, The Unhealthy Truth, in my local library. Her passion, her tenacity, and her genuine concern for the safety of our food supply has earned her the title of “The Erin Brockovich of Food!”

Robyn is a somewhat unlikely food advocate, having been raised on “BBQ and Twinkies” in her home state of Texas. But an episode in which her youngest child had a violent allergic reaction to scrambled eggs caused her to investigate WHY food allergies are at an all time high and what other effects our diet is having on our health. What she learned shifted her activism and over-achieving genes into high gear.

Robyn has spent the last five years researching the state of our food supply and what she’s uncovered is alarming. As a mom of four with “a limited budget and limited time” she really understands the challenges we’re all facing.  I’m including a link to an 18 minute You Tube video of the talk she gave at a TED conference that will be a huge help to those of you without the time to read her book. You can listen to this in your car on your mobile phone (without watching the screen of course!) so no excuses…

As her book description states, “O’Brien turns to accredited research conducted in Europe that confirms the toxicity of America’s food supply, and traces the relationship between Big Food and Big Money that has ensured that the United States is one of the only developed countries in the world to allow hidden toxins in our food-toxins that can be blamed for the alarming recent increases in allergies, ADHD, cancer, and asthma among our children.” The data is undeniable, friends. As much as we may not want to hear it or believe it, the typical American diet is hazardous to our health.

Learning about Robyn’s work will inspire you to make changes in your own life; I can almost guarantee it. Figuring out where to begin can be overwhelming so I’m especially passionate about Robyn’s “DO ONE THING” message. She urges us to pick one – just one – thing we can do to make our food healthier. She evenprovides a list of ideas here. What will your one thing be? The changes are simpler than you think.

If you’d like to make even more significant changes, or have some questions after hearing what Robyn has to say, I invite you to schedule a FREE initial consultation with a Nourish coach, call us today at 513-245-4224 or email us to set up an appointment. We can help you take the steps that will put you and your family on a healthier track. You can even make that meeting your ONE THING!

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