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First things first! I’m thrilled to announce that we have a new addition to our family! Brooke Arianna, our third child, was born on Friday evening and she is practically perfect in every way. Our whole world has been turned upside down in the best of ways, as I suspect has happened throughout history for everyone blessed with a new child. There’s a never-ending list of newborn needs, two other children beside themselves with excitement, visitors to entertain and major sleep deprivation…and yet, I’m blogging. It might make you ask “WHY?!”

In fact, throughout my pregnancy I was often asked how much time I planned to take off with this baby. With each of my other two, I took a one-year maternity leave from my corporate marketing job to fully immerse myself in being a mom! Those were two incredible and memorable years filled with wonderful moments and I wouldn’t change a thing about them. But there is something different this time around that is leading me to take a different approach. What’s different? I am doing what I LOVE.

I simply can’t imagine wanting to “take a year off” from my work with Nourish because it never really feels like work to me at all! I love every second of meeting new prospective clients, speaking about wellness topics, working with clients 1:1, leading group classes, researching wellness topics, blogging, creating new content for classes, working on marketing plans and ideas, testing recipes, you name it! Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating because I’m getting paid to have so much fun! And yet, isn’t that exactly how life should be?

Have you ever had a morning when you woke up before the alarm because what you had scheduled for that day literally drew you out of bed and into the activity? It may have been something at work or something for leisure, but I hope you’ve experienced that feeling of anticipation where getting out of bed outweighed the appeal of staying under the covers. Lately, I have been experiencing that feeling every day! And it’s the most incredible thing. In fact, it’s my wish for you. To discover a life you love, one that fuels you with energy as you apply your talents to worthwhile work – at home or outside the home. I feel so blessed to be living my own version of that life.

So…you’ll continue to hear from me throughout these chaotic and amazing newborn days and beyond. For now, Brooke is my most precious reason for being drawn out of bed and into my day…but I’m so grateful that my work is a source of energy for me as well. What are YOU doing to discover the life you love? Are you living it yet?

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  1. innazareth

    To paraphrase, it takes more than food to NOURISH a person! 🙂 Sounds like a (divine) master plan unfolding here. I would give you words of encouragement, but it looks like none are needed. Congratulations again on the arrival of Brooke – can't wait to see her. Nourish her well – in every way!
    Your Godfather
    (Great Uncle Danny)


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