Do You Believe in Magic?

If you had a magic wand and could grant yourself one wish, what would it be? When I ask women that question, here are some of the answers I frequently get.

– More hours in the day

– To quit my job

– Sleep

– A housekeeper

– Someone to cook for me

– To feel caught up on my to do list

– A million dollars

– To lose __ pounds or to change a specific body feature

Thematically, as women, you want MORE TIME, MORE ENERGY, and to FEEL BETTER IN YOUR BODY. Or you want the things that you believe will deliver one of those benefits, like the list above.

The health and wellness industry KNOWS this, and as a result, it’s riddled with companies promising quick fixes –  magical solutions to your problems. I jotted these down today in Barnes & Noble from a quick glance at some magazine covers…

“Burn 500+ Calories Fast”

“Bikini Ready in 7 Days”

“Lose 6 pounds in 8 days”

“Experts Reveal Secrets to a Slimmer Body in Minutes”

” Look 5 years younger – it’s all in the Hair!”

“Miracle Creams that really work”

“More energy INSTANTLY”

I can’t make this stuff up. The question is, do you believe them?

It’s incredibly easy to fall prey to these marketing ploys because we WANT to believe that a quick fix exists! But every time you give in to one, you know in the back of your mind that it’s not magic you’re buying; it’s a hoax. There’s that glimmer of hope that THIS time will be different, but the story always ends the same way – with a half used bottle of potion, a discarded magazine, a big credit card bill and a lack of results. There’s no magic in that.

Daniel Burnham once famously said, “Make no little plans, for there is no magic in them to stir the blood.*”  Soul stirring…now that’s where the magic happens. It’s no surprise then, that soul-stirring services are exactly the kind we’re creating at Nourish. We are on a mission to support our clients with the very things that will help you reap the benefits you desire – MORE TIME, MORE ENERGY, and TO FEEL BETTER IN YOUR BODY. And we’re not making promises we can’t keep.

Our coaching clients experience life-changing benefits from our services. Some might even call them magical.

If you’re ready to stir your soul and experience the magic, we’re ready to help. One hour invested in a Mini Health Makeover will show you exactly what we can do for you. Talk to us today. Restore your belief in the best kind of magic  – the kind that you create when you put your heart and soul into it.


PS – You don’t have to live in Cincinnati (where we are) to benefit from the programs we’re developing at Nourish. Many of our services can be provided by Skype or by phone just as easily as they’re done in person. We’d love to work with you.


*Okay so Burnham actually said men’s blood but that sort of dilutes my point here, so I took a little creative license….forgive me.

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