Health Coach…or Food Therapist?

Yesterday I was in the middle of telling someone what I do when she looked at me brightly, smiled, and said “Oh! You’re a Food Therapist!”

It hit me like a lightning bolt because while I’ve never called myself a food therapist, it’s a really descriptive title that I think explains itself. A lot of what I do as a health coach (or wellness coach) is to help people reconnect their head with their belly. I help to identify which recurrent thoughts or false beliefs may be standing in the way of a healthy relationship with food. And that sounds like just what a food therapist would do!

The people who seek me out for coaching or counseling (or therapy!), are people who aren’t satisfied with the way food is working in their life. Something needs to shift and food seems to be at the epicenter of their discontent. Often through our sessions we discover some other itch that needs scratching. Together, we connect the dots among issues that don’t appear to be related…until we discover what ties them together.

There are some common themes that emerge in coaching, but what I love most about what I do is that each and every person is unique. Each person has a story that unfolds as we come to trust one another, and through that story we’re able to find the roots of discontent and the path to peace.

Sometimes the path we walk is simply educational; there are lessons to be learned about calories and nutrients and portions and techniques. Sometimes it’s emotional; food has become the stimulant or anesthesia of choice to avoid authentic feelings. Sometimes it’s spiritual, with insights emerging from deep within. At its best it’s all three.

I can’t imagine loving any work more than this. I wake up energized and fall asleep fulfilled. Call me a health coach, a wellness coach, a food therapist, a teacher, or a guide – whichever resonates with you. But call me if you feel something nudging you to do so.

Years ago, I fell in love with this quote  – “When the student is ready, the guide will appear.”

If you’re ready, I’m here,

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  1. shayla lovett

    Good morning,

    What are your qualifications for what you do? licensed therapist? R.D.?



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