Have your healthiest December ever!

It’s almost here – the most challenging month of all when it comes to healthy living – December! Amid insanely busy schedules and countless holiday parties and all those cookies, scores of otherwise healthy women are throwing their hands up in surrender. It’s so easy to write off this month and allow yourself to abandon healthy habits you’ve worked all year to build. Don’t do it.

Instead, decide which rituals you’ll commit to maintaining throughout December. Choose the ones that make you feel terrific and when the going gets tough, remind yourself that keeping up with these practices is a TREAT to your deserving body and soul. You don’t have to do everything on the list below; just use it to help you decide – what will you do for yourself this December that will help you arrive at January 1st feeling one step ahead of the game?


Healthy December Habits:

– 7+ hours of sleep each night

– Breakfast

– Vitamins

– Water, and lots of it

– Fruits and/or vegetables at every meal

– Strength training (even more important than cardio!)

– Your skin care regimen (stress, alcohol and lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your skin!)

– Yoga or stretching

– Meditation or prayer time

– Breathing exercises (like the ones Dr. Stevenson recommended in last month’s newsletter)

– Phone time with a close friend or relative every day

– Herbal tea as an afternoon or evening relaxation ritual

What will you choose? Tell me in comments and hold yourself accountable…you’ll be so glad you did!

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