Home is Where Your Health Is

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This morning I woke up early to work out in the small gym we built in our basement a number of years ago. All three of the children and my husband were fast asleep upstairs and I was close enough to hear them if anyone woke up and needed me, but far enough away to focus on my workout. It made me think about how valuable it’s been to have that space to work out in my home. Truth be told, I’d prefer to run outside with my girlfriends or to head to the yoga studio for a class taught by someone other than my DVD player, but many days, our home gym is my safest bet to ensure I get in a workout at all.

Does your home support your healthy living goals? To answer “yes” you don’t have to have a treadmill in your basement. I’m simply asking if you’ve set up your home to support the lifestyle you want to achieve. Here are a few areas you might want to consider:



If you intend to cook some meals at home, it’s important that your kitchen is set up to support you! Is your pantry well stocked with healthy ingredients? Is your refrigerator brimming with fresh produce and free from expired items? Do you have the right cooking tools? Are your appliances clean and in working order? Taking care of these basics will make it feel less daunting when you decide it’s time to channel your inner Martha!



Eating Area

Once you’ve prepared a healthy and delicious meal, it would be a shame to eat it while standing up at the counter! Have you kept the table clear of clutter? Do you have linens, tableware and silverware that make you happy? Are there enough chairs for everyone who will be at the table? Investing a few dollars in table accessories that make you smile will be well worth it when you are motivated to eat at home more often.


Workout Corner

Home gyms are terrific, but you don’t have to go all out to make this idea work. Can you keep a yoga mat and exercise ball in a designated workout corner with some workout plans you’ve cut out of SELF magazine?  Some people have great success keeping them near the TV so that they can get in some exercise while catching up on The Bachelor. Also, keep your workout clothes in one drawer so it’s easy to get dressed when it’s time to exercise. If you’re digging through laundry baskets looking for a clean sports bra you are far less likely to work out!


Quiet Zone

Your healthy living intentions probably go beyond diet and exercise to include some form of relaxation or meditation. Can you set up a peaceful corner where you can retreat for those moments of calm? I have a favorite chair in a sunny corner where I can steal a few minutes to sit and think or to read something for inspiration. Carve out a space that’s just for you and cherish it!


Following a few of these suggestions will help you bring your home in line with your healthy living aspirations. Instead of battling with your surroundings, you’ll wake up each day knowing your home has been set up to support you, which is exactly what it should do!


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