Is Integrative Medicine For You?

I’ve had a number of questions lately about Dr. Stefanie Stevenson and the Integrative Medicine services she is providing to patients from her office in Montgomery, OH. I thought I’d address some of those questions here in case you are wondering about the same things!   Stefanie is such a warm and caring doctor; she’s one of those people who immediately puts you at ease and makes it very comfortable to share your whole story with her to provide the context she’ll need to give you the best possible medical care. I know so many people in Cincinnati are going to find healing through her consultations and recommendations; I hope you’ll be one of them! Here are some of the questions I’ve been getting…



Is Dr. Stevenson a medical doctor?

Yes! Dr. Stevenson describes herself as an Integrative Physician.  She is both an M.D. as a graduate of Johns Hopkins University Medical School and an Integrative Medicine Fellow affiliated with the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (founded by Dr. Andrew Weil).

So what IS Integrative Medicine?
Integrative medicine (IM) represents a shift in thinking about what medicine really means.  Currently, the American medical system is one that treats disease and is compensated for doing exactly that.  IM, by contrast,  places its focus on health,  healing, and  preventative care – preventing disease before it occurs.  The evidence is clear that lifestyle – the way one eats, moves, and deals with stress –can be more effective than any pill.
As an integrative physician, Dr. Stevenson was trained to ask the question “Why is healing not happening here?  What is blocking the healing?”  Dr. Stevenson can help you enhance your wellness or address your medical condition by prescribing low-cost, patient-centered, very low risk treatments that center on nutrition, physical movement, enhancement of the mind-body connection, and common sense approaches to vitamins, supplements, and botanicals.
Who should see an Integrative Physician?
Anyone who is interested in enhancing his or her well-being or addressing a medical condition with a holistic approach to healing will benefit from seeing someone like Dr. Stevenson. This includes men, women and even children. She is equipped to address conditions and concerns like:
Cardiac care
Digestive Disorders
Neck & Back Pain
Nutrition concerns
Reproductive health
Sleep disorders
Stress management
Weight management
…and many many more.
What’s the downside?
The downside, if there is one,  is that most health insurance companies do not cover this type of care (except perhaps through an HSA account). Patients therefore must pay the provider at the time of service, and as a culture, we’re just not used to that!
If you have specific questions about whether or not a consult with Dr. Stevenson may be the right choice for you, you can reach her directly by email at or by phone at 513-245-4224 ext 5.

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