It’s Love Month!

My daughter woke up this morning and declared “It’s Love Month!” Now that’s what I call waking up on the right side of the bed! If you hadn’t thought about it in quite that way before, perhaps it’s time to consider how you’ll celebrate Love Month this year. How will you show love to those around you? And perhaps even more importantly, how will you treat yourself for the next 28 days? (Why does Love Month have to be the shortest one, anyhow?)

If you need a little inspiration, here are a few ideas:

– Begin every day by greeting yourself in the mirror and saying something nice for once.
– Treat yourself to fresh flowers despite the snow and ice scene playing out all around us.
– Schedule date night – with yourself! 
      What movie have YOU been longing to see (Toy Story 3 does not count)? 
      What book have you been meaning to read? 
      What restaurant have you wanted to try? Now’s the time!
– Make yourself an adorable breakfast like the one pictured above.
– Choose the very best food for yourself – at the grocery store, at home, in a restaurant. No scarfing down half-eaten chicken nuggets off your kids’ plates. What do YOU crave?


– Listen to great music in the car.
– Find a workout that moves you. Try Hot Yoga…or Pilates…or Zumba…or whatever makes you want to get up and move!
– Make yourself over – get a new haircut or a new lipstick or a new outfit – anything that makes you feel great.

– Stop comparing yourself to others. Love yourself for who YOU are, not for how you stack up vs the competition.
It’s February, friends. All you need is love.

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