Getting healthy. The HOW mattters.

Eager bodies wanting to look and feel better quick make words like “detox, diet, 7-day cleanse, and licorice tea” sound like a immediate way to get the ball rolling toward 2015 health goals.New Year Resolution List Image

But let’s take a moment to consider what makes a New Year Resolution more likely to stick… for good! You’ve likely heard of SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound). While this method is helpful in identifying WHAT your goal is, it misses perhaps the greatest struggle in all change-making: THE HOW.

  • HOW are you going to get more fruits and vegetables into your daily meals – if you skip breakfast or eat out often to save time, how will you fit more in?
  • HOW are you going to have more sit-down family meals – what about the kids’ calendar of extracurricular activities?
  • HOW are you going to take the time to meal plan, go to the grocery, learn how to cook AND clean up after?

It is ineffective to know WHAT the problem is and WHAT you want to change about it; you must also have a realistic HOW figured out.

Using a personal cooking service can be a real, drumbeat solution that can be implemented and then sustained for weeks and weeks on end. It’s a dependable, repeating solution that is new, exciting and functional. A personal cooking service (like Nourish) pairs you with a passionate and talented cook who prepares oven-ready meals that you’ve ordered from an extensive menu. On a repeating schedule a cook grocery shops, prepares fresh and healthy meals, and cleans up. All you have to do is heat, eat and repeat!

More fruits and veggies – check!
More sit-down family meals – check!
And it didn’t demand any extra time of you – check!

Here’s to a healthier, happier, MAKING-IT-HAPPEN New Year!

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