Organically Organized

I was leafing through an issue of O magazine while drying my hair this morning (because really, when ELSE does one leaf through magazines?) and came across this quote from Peter Walsh, better known as Oprah’s Organization Guru. You’d recognize him as the guy who helps hoarders unearth their homes from years of accumulated clutter. That Peter Walsh.

His quote was “The words organic and organize have the same root. Organic makes me think of things that are fresh, natural, whole, and healthy—and organization brings the same mood into a space.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! I often find that when people decide to get healthy, they simultaneously decide to get organized. It’s as if the two go hand in hand. When you begin to bring order to one aspect of your life, you’ll start to seek it in others. This natural gravitation to organization can be a catalyst to complete projects that have been languishing on your to-do list for quite some time.

Closet overhauled? Check.

Junk drawer emptied? Check.

Fridge shelves cleaned? Check.

Spice rack alphabetized? Check.

It’s hard to be healthy amid a pile of clutter. Have you ever seen a messy yoga studio? No, right? And don’t you feel healthier just by walking in the door? Yes! So, make that spa environment your inspiration for getting your surroundings in order to support the healthy habits you are trying to maintain.

Step back and assess your home environment. Look for messy places that drain your energy just by looking at them. Where can you eliminate some clutter and get organized in support of your organic lifestyle? You’ll be grateful for the space to sip that glass of fruit-infused water in your newly zen surroundings.

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