Starting Today

I’ve been stuck in a blogging black hole for a bit here. Things have been really active at Nourish and at home, so creating space to write something worthwhile seemed impossible. I kept putting “write blog post” on my to do list and then seeing it still not crossed off at the end of each day. Not like me at all.

But, I wasn’t sure I had anything good enough to say. I keep raising the bar when it comes to my own expectations and at some point I think I backed myself into a corner in which no idea seemed worthy of a post.

This morning, I got this post from Seth Godin, a business blogger, who manages to write something EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Overcoming the impossibility of amazing

If you set your bar at “amazing,” it’s awfully difficult to start.

Your first paragraph, sketch, formula, sample or concept isn’t going to be amazing. Your tenth one might not be either.

Confronted with the gap between your vision of perfect and the reality of what you’ve created, the easiest path is no path. Shrug. Admit defeat. Hit delete.

One more reason to follow someone else and wait for instructions.

Of course, the only path to amazing runs directly through not-yet-amazing. But not-yet-amazing is a great place to start, because that’s where you are. For now.

There’s a big difference between not settling and not starting.


That was enough to get me to my laptop. Just starting to type gets the words flowing and the thoughts forming. For me, writing begets writing. The words come more easily as I go.

So too with any habit you are trying to build. You don’t have to be amazing yet, or maybe ever. But you do have to get started. Preferably today.

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