The Back To School Shuffle

If your house is anything like mine,  you are dancing the back to school shuffle (and probably doing it backwards and in high heels!) No matter how much advance planning we do, these first weeks of new routines are always C-R-A-Z-Y.

As in:

  • I’ve forgotten to pack a snack for my first grader. TWICE. Seriously. I blog about this stuff and yet I have not managed to remember to shove so much as a granola bar in that backpack pocket on two of the four days we’ve had school. I remembered today, though, so don’t worry Mom, because we’re back on track around here!
  • I am filling up calendar pages left and right with soccer practices, games, tournaments, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Dance Lessons, and Tumbling and whatever comes next. On Friday my 4th grader was fired up about the trombone. Um…..not right now, sweetie.
  • I have made old-school brown paper book covers (because the stretchy ones don’t stretch quiiiiiiiite far enough and believe me, I tried).
  • I have started a password log for the countless URL’s, Logins, and Passwords I am going to be required to keep track of this year because no one has yet built one site that will fit the needs of every teacher and every subject.
  • I still cannot get onto our school’s Volunteer Signup website even though I swear I DID pass my background check and have been fingerprinted! (Note: this may be a blessing in disguise.)

Honestly, I’m still smiling, and so are my kids, but it feels like we stepped on the gas and haven’t quite caught our breath. I ask myself every day if I’m somehow adding to the degree of difficulty – if there is a way to do this more simply. Perhaps there is. Or perhaps this is just how transitions work. They’re tricky because we’re finding our footing and establishing new routines.

Soon enough, we’ll have it figured out again, and the most important companions on our journey from here to there just may be a sense of humor and a healthy dose of perspective.

Here’s a little bit of each that crossed my path;  I thought I’d share both with you today…

First, check out this hilarious essay (and make sure you get to the points about 2014 in the second half)!

And then, listen to the awesome Kid President, who has a few words we need to hear, mamas.

PS – I want to see you dancing in the supermarket aisles!

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