The Halloween Fairy

Halloween has come and gone with miniature trick or treaters racing from door to door gathering loot. You loaded up the last few children in an effort to get-the-candy-out-of-the-house only to watch your OWN children return with their pumpkins overflowing. What’s a healthy woman to do?

Last year I learned of a fabulous plan. If you have young children, invite the Halloween Fairy to pay a visit! A few days after Halloween when the high has worn off a bit, the kids can choose a reasonable number of pieces of their favorite candy to keep. The rest goes back into the pumpkin and is placed by the back door or on the hearth or wherever you think the Fairy can most easily find it. She pays a visit during the night (when all fairies are out doing their work I suppose) and replaces that bucket of candy with a small toy!

As for the fairy, I hear this is what she does with all that candy she collects…she packs it up and donates it to Operation Gratitude, an organization that ships care packages overseas to our troops. Everybody wins.

In Cincinnati, one dropoff location is the St. Columban Church Parish office – boxes will be there until November 6th. To find other locations, visit




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