What do I have in common with a celebrity chef?

Believe me, I’m fully aware that I have very little in common with big-time celebrity food personalities like Cat Cora, Paula Deen, Sara Moulton and Ming Tsai. Nonetheless, I learned this week that we do, in fact, all have one thing in common…

We’ve all been guests on Amy Tobin‘s weekly radio show, Amy’s Table!
One week ago, I had the fun experience of sitting down with Amy in the Q102 studio here in Cincinnati to tape a segment for her show which aired on Sunday morning. It was a blast and I can’t imagine a more gracious host than Amy!

Amy is a food and lifestyle consultant, a well known media personality, author of Amy’s Table: Food for Families & Friends, host of Amy’s Table on Q102, and Culinary Director at EQ, the culinary school at the Party Source in Northern Kentucky.

We talked about Nourish and the various services we offer, including Nourish@Home. Amy was particularly intrigued by the kitchen makeover service in which we go into a client’s kitchen and spend about a half-day reorganizing the pantry and refrigerator to support her goals for eating well. We make choices about which foods stay, and which ones need to go. Then we organize all the keepers in ways that make it easier to find what they need to make healthful meals and snacks. 
After the show, Amy asked if I’d do a guest blog post for her called “A Healthy Meal from a Madeover Pantry” – and so I did. Here’s a link.
If you’d like to hear the two-part interview, here’s a link to the page with the .mp3 recording. It’s posted under January 24th and there are two separate links with my name  – just click each one to listen.And in case you’d rather hear from some REAL celebrities, here are links to the interviews with the chefs I mentioned above:Cat Cora
Paula Deen
Sara Moulton
Ming Tsai


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