A New Chapter

If you’ve been around here a while, you’ve witnessed a dynamic evolution of the Nourish brand since its inception in 2010.

Today, I’m announcing the end of an important chapter in the company’s story as we close the Cincinnati cooking service. It’s been a privilege to serve so many busy households over the last four years; I’ve been forever changed by the experience.

The amazingly capable cooks who have lent their talents to Nourish are making plans to build independent personal chef businesses, or to pursue other food related businesses that excite them. I couldn’t be happier to support and promote their efforts (in fact, you can find a list of them below).

As for Nourish, I’ll continue to host this blog, and I’m following my heart into to the next chapter of my story at a new site, CherylanneSkolnicki.com where I’ll have the time and space to be a writer, speaker and coach serving an audience of people ready to design lives of significance…on their own terms. This will take me and those I serve beyond the walls of health and wellness into well-being, balance, meaning, and purpose. I hope you’ll join me there.


Independent Personal Chefs (alphabetical)

Joanne Bayer

Julie Hewitt

Darla Higgins

Karen McDonald

Sue Schlueter

Amy Skie

3 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. Linda Hudish

    Cherylanne, This is such a surprise to me knowing you were the founder of your personal chef business. I know whatever path you take from this point on will be successful because I know how hard you work toward that goal with everything you do. We wish you good fortune and happiness in your new venture and please know how much we have enjoyed seeing you succeed in your “Nourishing” business. The awards you’ve received, and the people you have helped along the way are a tribute to you and to your upbringing. I know you will be a hit with any group where you speak, and I will continue to enjoy your very interesting and helpful blog. I know this means your family will benefit from this new phase and I know, too, how much they mean to you. Best wishes and enjoy whatever you do in your life. We send our love. Linda


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