Announcing Nourish@Home

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! After months of planning and preparation, we’re officially launching Nourish@Home, our newest service offering designed to help you thrive.

I love the time I spend teaching people how rewarding it can be to cook for themselves and to enjoy delicious healthful food every day…and we’ll still be doing plenty of that around here! But I’m delighted to announce that we can now support your quest to eat well in another very tangible way.

Nourish@Home is an in-home meal prep service designed to fill your fridge with a week’s worth of healthful food, so you can enjoy more peaceful evenings!  
We’ll plan, shop for, and prepare a week’s worth of decadently healthful food in your kitchen. 

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing dinner is taken care of. I’ve included all the details about it, as well as a special introductory offer below. I hope you’ll give it a spin.

Are you ready to be Nourished??

The Details
The Menu, FAQs, and Pricing

Nourish Spoon LogoCheck out our menu:With items like Thyme Scented Salmon, Pan-Roasted Broccoli with Lemon Thyme Browned Butter, and Scalloped White and Sweet Potatoes on the menu, you’ll have no trouble finding delicious food that meets your family’s needs. Have a special request? Just ask! Click here to view our fall/winter menu.

Get the answers you need:
Click here to have a look at our FAQs. If you don’t find the answer to your question there, just email us and we’d be glad to answer it for you.

Review our Pricing:
The service is priced at $249/week*  but you’ll enjoy special introductory pricing of just $199* the first time you try it!
* plus cost of groceries

Book Your Cook Date
Get ready to be Nourished!
Book your date to be Nourished!


When you’re ready to schedule your first cook date, just email us your contact information and the date you’d like us to come and we’ll get back to you to finalize the details! Once your first cook date is scheduled, you’ll make your menu selections & complete a short online form providing some background information about your food preferences and your kitchen.


After that, you can pour yourself a cup of coffee and relax, because dinner’s taken care of!

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