Skip the flowers – give Mom Nourish @Home

There is nothing quite like a mother, is there? Personally, I think I have the best mother on the planet, and I’m not sure how I was ever deemed worthy of the blessing.  She is one incredible lady, impossibly devoted to serving others and finding ways to ease life’s burdens for those around her. Finding a way to take care of her isn’t so easy, as she rarely sits still long enough to enjoy it! She’s happiest when she’s bustling around her kitchen, turning out family favorites for a hungry crowd of guests.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 8th this year), and I, for one, will not be giving flowers. I won’t spoil all the Mother’s Day surprises here (C’mon what mother wouldn’t loyally read her daughter’s blog?) but to kick things off, I’ve already told her I’m giving her a week off from kitchen duty via Nourish@Home – we’ll provide meals for her and my dad for a week. I know she’ll love knowing that dinner is taken care of while she is out taking care of others (most often ME and my three munchkins!).

To help you honor your own Mother,  we’re offering a Mothers Day promotion at Nourish@Home. We’re dropping our normal price AND throwing in the groceries – which means for one inclusive price of just $279* you can give Mom an entire week off from kitchen duty! Just think of what she can do with the time she WON’T be spending in the kitchen!

As a reminder of how this service works… Mom simply chooses her menu selections from our online menu, answers a few questions on our client info form, and then puts up her feet! We’ll shop for, prepare, and store enough food for 4-5 amazing family dinners. She doesn’t even have to be home while we cook – in fact, she can use that time to go do something else for herself…or just sip an iced tea and read a book while we buzz around the kitchen.  That’s what putting up your feet is all about, after all.

If you’d like to treat your mother to a week of Nourish@Home,  call us at 513-245-4224 and order a gift certificate. We’ll mail it to you or directly to Mom. When she calls to schedule a date for us to cook, she won’t owe a penny.  And she has a whole year to redeem the certificate, just in case she wants to save that “week off” for a time when she really needs it!

Of course, if you’re the Mom in question, and this blog post were to somehow make its way to your husband’s inbox or a hard copy were to appear in his sock drawer with our phone number highlighted, we’d never tell…



*$279 includes groceries for a family of up to 4. Larger families of 5-7 will have an incremental $30 grocery fee. Please remember we can only service homes in the Greater Cincinnati area with Nourish@Home.

4 thoughts on “Skip the flowers – give Mom Nourish @Home

  1. Linda

    Not fair…When are you going to be in the Hershey Pennsylvania area so my kids can gift me with your nourish services???

  2. Carol

    Thank you, Cherylanne. I am looking forward to my week of Nourish@Home… and yes, I am a loyal reader of your blog. Mom


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