You’re busy. We get that. And we want you to thrive!

Women today are B-U-S-Y. And while we’re rarely willing to slow down for even a minute, we still want to be healthy. We do our best to squeeze in healthy behaviors and make sense of the information that seems to change every day, but sometimes putting all the pieces together to truly THRIVE just feels too hard.

Meet Cherylanne Skolnicki — the voice for busy, health conscious women! With a former corporate career, a growing business, volunteer opportunities, a home, a husband and three young children of her own, Cherylanne really understands the challenges busy women face when they’re trying to be healthy. Fortunately, she’s figured out how to thrive in her own life and she created Nourish to share proven, time-saving solutions with women just like you who want to do the same.

Learn From Someone Who Can Relate

In the past four years, Cherylanne left a 15 year career with Procter & Gamble, became a certified health coach, launched her company, Nourish, worked two other consulting jobs, hired 13 people to help her grow her business, sent her oldest daughter to third grade, her son to kindergarten and her youngest daughter off to preschool! She’s done it all while maintaining her personal well-being as a priority and eating just enough chocolate chip cookies to keep her very, very real.

If there’s one thing we all know about women, it’s that none of us likes to be preached to by someone who seems too perfect. Life is messy, and our best teachers can relate to us in all our charming imperfection. That’s Cherylanne. She’s like the girl next door who happens to have a thing or two to share about eating well and nurturing your well-being so that you can THRIVE.


Live the Nourish Lifestyle

So what IS the Nourish Lifestyle? It’s a way of living that allows you to prioritize your personal well being without compromising the other important things in your life. It celebrates food as a pleasure without requiring diets or deprivation. It emphasizes the importance of rest, so that you wake up every day feeling like you can bring your best to the world. It encourages movement so that you stay in touch with your body and what it needs. It nurtures relationships that help you evolve and grow. And it inspires you to strive for stretching goals so that you can fulfill your potential….and thrive!

Get Started With Nourish Today — Programs, Services, and Coaching

Cherylanne and her team at Nourish will help you discover exactly what you need to thrive and then will help you find programs and services that save you time and get you healthier. You can peruse the Nourish blog for inspiration or take advantage of our weekly dinner menu plan subscription and receive a menu with photos, nutrition information, recipes and a customizable grocery list each week. For even more personalized support, try 1:1 coaching with a health coach in person or via Skype. Learn to cook fresh healthy food in private cooking instruction or let us cook FOR you with our amazing Nourish@Home Cooking Service. When you need support at work, look to our Nourish At Work suite of workplace wellness services. We’re working hard to meet you just where you are with just what you need. And if you have an idea for us that would help you thrive, we want to hear it!

Stay in Touch

There are so many exciting things underway around here; we’re just delighted to have you join the Nourish community! The easiest ways to stay in touch are to connect with us on Facebook, subscribe to Cherylanne’s blog or sign up for the Nourish monthly eNewsletter.

So come on in…are you ready to be Nourished?

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